PRO7 Programm


00:35 Underworld: Evolution
02:30 Underworld
04:25 Steven liebt Kino - Spezial: Hitman: Agent 47
05:20 My Boys
Die Manager(Managers)
05:40 My Boys
Opfer fürs Team(Take One for the Team)
06:00 2 Broke Girls
Cupcake Wars(And the Cupcake War)
06:20 2 Broke Girls
Darius, der Lach-Express(And the Pre-Approved Credit Card)
06:50 Two and a Half Men
Warum wir nichts von Frauen wollen(Why We Gave Up Women)
07:15 Two and a Half Men
Alle lieben Alan(The Straw in my Donut Hole)
07:45 The Big Bang Theory
Penny und die Physiker(Pilot)
08:10 The Big Bang Theory
Chaos-Theorie(The Big Bran Hypothesis)
08:40 Bundesvision Song Contest 2015
12:45 Troja
15:50 Percy Jackson - Diebe im Olymp
18:10 Die Simpsons
Homer Mobil(Mobile Homer)
18:40 Die Simpsons
Homer, die Ratte(The Seven-Beer Snitch)
19:05 Galileo
Streetracing Moskau
20:15 Percy Jackson: Im Bann des Zyklopen
22:30 Sinister